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For the birth of the first Air Max tribute 1987 1, Nike Sportswear has produced this new version of Premium 87 to celebrate. The use of Air Max 1 with retro design blueprint, with white light grey leather collocation of a fabric shoe body, with a black Swoosh decorative flank, finally carrying signs outside the air cushion bottom. What is more noteworthy is that the brand to 8 large and 7 two digital dot heel, not only eye-catching but also profound meaning. item: 512033-105 release date: June 8thPrice: nike-air-max-1-87-finest.jpg (66.83 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Air Max 1 Premium 87 2016-6-5 08:34 upload nike-air-max-1-87-finest-3.jpg (122.65 KB, download number: 17) download Nike Air Max 1 Premium 87 2016-6-5 08:34 upload nike-air-max-1-87-finest-4.jpg (49.85 KB, download number: 7) download Nike Air Max 1 Premium 87 2016-6-5 08:34 upload nike-air-max-1-87-finest-1.jpg (53.28 KB, download numbe cheap jordans for sale mens r: 17) download Nike Air Max 1 Premium 87 2016-6-5 08:34 upload nike-air-max-1-87-finest-2.jpg (63.08 KB, download number: 25) download Nike Air Max 1 Premium 87 2016-6-5 08:34 upload nike-air-max-1-87-finest0 yesterday afternoon, in very pleased the Russian city of Yekaterinburg sell shoes in Wenzhou Xinjiang Liu Jinwang, told reporters in the international long-distance joyfull pulled a homemade. And the bill per minute is almost 70 yuan. Local time on September 20th at 4:30 in the afternoon, Chinese businessmen in Russia to pay a $500 thousand fine, was seized from the Russian Customs Department to redeem the value of about 130 million yuan China shoes. Liu Jinwang said excitedly, since 2000, from China shoes were seized by Russian customs redemption, this is the first time. in June 22nd, the Russian customs, taxation and other departments of the Ministry of internal affairs, China shoe warehouse seized Y Retro jordans for sale ekaterinburg in full Tas Aa Kaf No. 32. Be close to have nearly 130 Chinese shoes container, worth about 130 million yuan, of which Wenzhou shoes accounted for more than 80%, involving more than 20 Wenzhou shoe prices. In July 6th, the local customs took 8 container shoes from the warehouse and sealed the warehouse with a seal. : it is understood that in July 6th by the local customs away 8 container shoes, will be returned next week Chinese businessmen. 2001 to Yekaterinburg sell Wenzhou shoes Liu Jinwang's shoes were seized by the value of about 3000000 yuan, the day before yesterday to a $16 thousand fine to redeem. He sold nearly 500 pairs of shoes a day yesterday. President of the Ural Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Yekaterinburg where Han Jianmin had been, in cooperation with China in Yekaterinburg building (consulate) Museum group seized events to negotiate with russia. He said in a Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping telephone interview yesterday: "the shoes have come back and the Chinese Chinese businessmen here are very happy."! Very successful! Very good!" from the last century at the end of 90s to 2005, Wenzhou has hundreds of millions of Yuan shoes by the Russian power sector away fines. The root cause of these incidents is Russia's "gray customs clearance"". (Editor: admin)& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "in the history of world sports goods industry, so that two of the most representative and well-known giants unite only once a lifetime kind of thing." August 3, the world's second largest sports Germany Adidas announced it will spend 3.1 billion euros to acquire the world's third-largest US brand Reebok, Adidas chairman and CEO Heiner conceal their excitement. & Nbsp; The acquisition of intent all too clear - two strong horizontal, duel world dominance of Nike sporting goods. This "life only once," the merger will increase the A cheap foamposites didas and Nike vs. Reebok weight, resulting reshuffle in North America and the global sporting goods market. Moreover, whether the merger can produce "1 + 1〉 2" effect, Adidas and Reebok will test the ability to integrate all aspects of production, channels, advertising and other marketing. Reconstruction of the North American market, the pattern of the North American market has always been contested sporting goods company, which the United States is the world's largest athletic footwear consumer market, accounting for half of the global athletic footwear sales. In 2004, Nike sports shoes market share of nearly forty percent in the United States market. Before no merger, Adidas and Reebok combined market share, just a little more than half of Nike. As the world's second oldest sports brand Adidas to this lucrative market has long plot, Adidas CEO Herbert Haier Na once in an interview with reporters said:?. "North America cheap jordans for sale n market is a must occupy the territory" However, the United States market has been the headquarters of Nike, Nike's US consumer brand loyalty is very high. How can we break out on the Nike site, which has been a headache for Adidas. In recent years, Adidas has been taking a variety of measures to open up the US market, but failed to form a real threat to the industry overlord Nike. Reebok's fold this American brand will undoubtedly Adidas and Nike to North America in the fight, even more powerful. Although, in the US market share, Reebok and Nike can not be compared, but Reebok has four major North American sports leagues (baseball MLB, Football NFL, NBA and ice hockey NFL) official shirt sponsorship deal, but there's Ivor Sen, a global superstar Yao Ming, as well as JAY-Z and 50 & nbsp; CENT headed HIP-HOP American street culture spokesman, in the US market, has a strong influence. Through the acquisition, Adidas share of the cheap jordan shoes for men US athletic footwear market will be doubled to 20%. As announced the acquisition of the day, the president of Adidas Heiner puts it - "the North American market will usher shuffle"! Three marketing force "this acquisition is a win-win for both parties," & nbsp; the German bank HVB Group's financial expert WEINREICH said, "the two brands together as one body in the Americas, Asia and Europe markets will be further expanded. "Adidas and Reebok merger of two strong, bound in the sales and market competitiveness, and on marketing and advertising, as well as introduce new aspects of the brand a tremendous force, so that they compete with Nike, it is possible strong punches. One force - complementary products, either on geographical distribution, or in the focused product, Adi and Reebok have highly complementary. Adidas sporting goods market in football outside of the United States dominated, with a number of top European teams hav cheap jordans online e a contract. Reebok nearly six sales in the US market was. After the two together, will give its European, Asian and North American market share of a huge role in promoting, but also may help to join Reebok, Adidas, Nike dominate achieve a breakthrough in the field of basketball. & Nbsp;NBA in order to concentrate on preparing for the playoffs, the Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James will close all social software, even the mobile phone does not use James, it will continue for several seasons used to call Zero Dark Thirty-23, and its co branded Nike this year with this habit for inspiration, launched a new color LeBron LMTD 14. The Nike LeBron 14 LMTD is designed with a full black tone, and the 3M reflective material is added to the rear heel and inside the Logo. The reason is not related to the word "Zero Dark Thirty". Zero Dark Thirty, formerly a military term for the U.S. military, was translated literally as "12:30 a.m. Retro jordans for sale ", meaning "planning for the dark" for a long time. The 2012 movie "00:30" at the order of original title is Zero Dark Thirty LeBron James, the first playoff closed social media was five years ago. The calculation time is almost the movie of the year, I do not know whether the film inspired by James's name? Nike LeBron 14 LMTD is expected to launch in May 27th, priced at $175, interested friends can lock on the post. source: Sneaker News for all exploration shoe finishing has announced to sell dealers to stay in the Facebook, hoping to help you start planning tomorrow journey, of course there will be some department store sale, also please call, this release is no longer updated, all the actual selling way and place to please transaction mechanism shop announcement. Harlem Yu Shumai smile sports sports shop source: SOCIALSTATUSAir Jordan 6 Retro "Carmine" this weekend in Taiwan have been sold, we have now released p Cheap air jordans for sale rospecting shoe finishing selling way dealer links in Facebook, some stores should be signed in to complete the investment today, you also please collate shoe to pay more attention to the actual way of selling mechanism and the place to store transaction please the announcement. Wuchang 23 smile sports sports a hang Reagan - Reagen sports sports source: gc911The Kobe 9 Elite Low is quite popular in the market, also provided by the NIKEiD service on the Flyknit color options can not meet consumer monotonous, in view of the upcoming Nike 9 new color options in the next Monday, for consumers to do changes in knitting uppers. news source: sneakernewsAir Jordan 31 Air Jordan 1 released tribute classic color design, and is listed as Jordan Brand Top 3 color "Banned" and "Chicago" two are already in the 31 generation can be seen, then certainly not lack of "Royal", Air Jordan 1 was transplanted to design form conspicuous blac Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping k and blue, from the 1985 Michael Jordan Runway shooting to convey design inspiration in the image of tongue inside pattern. Air Jordan 31 "Royal" is expected to be released overseas in April 1st, priced at $185, and there is no news of the sale in Taiwan. If there is any further information, we will share it with you later. When the Michael Jordan with black blue style Air Jordan 1 station on the runway on the poster, and in the Russell Westbrook Air Jordan participated in the filming of the 31 image advertising also reproduce the concept of Runway. source: Jordan / Sneaker News / The Fat Cat Collectiveadidas Crazy Explosive series for the past two years, Adidas's new flagship basketball shoes, recently launched a new brand for Adidas Crazy Explosive color Low Primeknit version, footwear market with colorful summer gradient color. The Adidas Crazy Explosive Low Primeknit a total of two gray, pink, two color of the uppers are used gradually layer elements, highlighting the appearance of people can not see, especially the pink color like the ancient early taste of snow ice, it is designed for the summer, this is Crazy Explosive series, rare using commercially available versions of gradient techniques. The Crazy Explosive Low Primeknit is equipped with a full foot BOOST and woven upper, and the inner boot is designed to provide a multi-layered coating. Two shoes abroad are expected to be sold in July 1st, priced at $140, but no news has been reached in Taiwan. source: NotreIn December 23rd Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG in Taiwan will be sold to a specific store, the price of 5800 yuan for you, we currently have announced prospecting shoe finishing selling dealer link in the Facebook way, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. Wuchang 23 union St. source: NIKE, IncIn December 20th Nike Air Max Uptempo Pack three pairs of shoes in Taiwan will be sold to a specific store, we as members of shoe finishing Nike Sportswear Taiwan survey currently published in the Facebook store, the store is not the same as the point of sale style, intends to start prospecting shoe please pay attention to the actual way of selling slightly, mechanism and location please change to the store announcement. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. Air Max 2 UptempoAddress: - PHANTACi NIKE KICKS - 〉 LOUNGE - NIKE KICKS LOUNGE at Murmansk Xining: - Eco meal Chientan flagship store address: Phone No. 11 Taipei Road, Shilin District Keelung River: 02-28826678Air Max UptempoAddress: - PHANTACiAir Max 97 UptempoAddress: - PHANTACi& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News] Nike brand last year to develop FuelBand sector layoffs have taken, when only 15 people, and they should have stopped the development FuelBand. And in the past, as with Nike + app FuelBand biggest supporters Apple also has its own Apple Watch as promote their own fitness app hardware, so we will wonder whether Nike partnership with Apple on this end - they are not the answer. According to CNBC access made with Nike CEO Mark Parker said they still "positive with Apple and other partners," and said that we can "expect more from Apple and Nike (co / products), both with Many great branding potential and opportunity. "In addition, he said Nike + currently has more than 60 million users, is a considerable digital community. But Parker has not indicated that in the end the two brands of software or hardware partners will not know when it will be released. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: HONGKEE brand.) & Nbsp;

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