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2014 in late 2015 years early, too much air huarache color release let us see the Nike huarache series determination. And some time ago the dormant looks more like to accumulate, unsurprisingly, overwhelmed, Nike formally NikeiD shelves of air huarache, including a splash in bottom spots leather uppers, such as customization options, nike.com Chinese version is now available customization, the price 899 yuan. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micr cheap foamposites o channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send.coming in June, JordanBrand to prepare what surprises for us? In addition to the annual blockbuster AirJordan13/14CDP package, and in which heavy shoes sale, according to this JordanBrand6 month sale list! AirJordanXXX1Low Color:Black/White number: 897564-002 release date: 2017-06-02 price: $160 AirJordan7 White/MetallicSilver-PurePlatinum number: 304775-120 release date: 2017-06-03 price: $190 AirJordan4GS "Linen" White/BoarderBlue-LightSand number: 487724-118 release date: 2017-06-10 price: $140 AirJordan13Low "Chutney" Chut cheap jordans for sale ney/Black number: 310810-022 release date: 2017-06-10 price: $175 AirJordanFinalsPack Multi-color/Multi-color number: 897563-900 release date: 2017-06-14 price: $500 AirJordan4 "AlternateMotorsport" Black/GameRoyal-MatteSilver-White number: 308497-006 release date: 2017-06-17 price: $190 JordanSpiz "Ike" WhiteCement " Color:White/VarsityRed-CementGrey-Black number: 315371-122 release date: 2017-06-20 price: $160 AirJordan13 "Playoffs" 〉 many rely on wage can easily become a billionaire sports star very much, such as the 1996 Olympic gold medal winner O'neal, 008 men's baske cheap jordans online tball Olympic gold medalist Kobe, James, Anthony et al., football Olympic gold medalist Messi, Lord Nadal and tennis gold medal. but if wages and bonuses, only to see the Olympic Games champions ability to do business, then the scope of billionaires is a lot smaller. According to the statistics of the world Chinese managers, only 6 winners through business to more than $100 million worth of Michael Jordan, basketball Jordan is your "basketball God", but the 80s NBA salary of only a few million dollars, Jordan in the last three years of age to bull finally received a $33 million 140 thousa cheap jordan shoes for men nd super salary, salary occupation career total about $90 million. but Jordan was able to use the $90 million, finally earned $1 billion 100 million today, the trick is to develop their own sports brand Air Jordan. Jordan and his agent Air Jordan brand planning with the new production line, and won the brand equity. today, the sale of every pair of Air Jordan, Jordan can get into about 25%. Now the Air Jordan brand with annual sales of more than $2 billion, which helped Jordan retired in 10 years, still can be divided into about $100 million a year. Magic Johnson, basketball is now wort cheap jordans for sale mens h about $700 million. The magician after joining NBA, when senior Jabbar received a $600 thousand annual salary and pleased with oneself, the magician and the Lakers directly signed for 25 years, was about $25 million salary career. the magician's trick is the "chain store business". For example, he is a famous coffee brand Starbucks shareholders, is the only Starbucks shareholders; "outsiders" have many chain restaurants, fast food restaurants, cinemas, the shares in the name of the gym. He has a stake in the commercial bank, to enter the field of venture capital, through a variety of inve Retro jordans for sale stment, the magician earned about $700 million in net worth. Lining, gymnastics Lining "Prince of gymnastics" off the floor, pommel horse, rings of three gold medals at the Losangeles Olympics in 1984, now worth about $250 million. Lining is not only Chinese never mind the "Prince of gymnastics", also known as the social entrepreneur, he founded the Lining sports brand is the pride of the nation, not only the end of the China team wear foreign brands to participate in the Olympic Games history, at the 2016 Rio Olympics sponsorship of the India delegation abroad. - George Forman, boxing Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping George Forman is a famous heavyweight champion of the world, is now worth $200 million. Forman retired, in their own established for poor children's charity project, almost all the light consumption savings obtained. 〉well is a chop hand in summer! but these light chop hand is not enough, because you might not chop hands! The March release of the KAWSxAJ4 "CoolGrey" at present there are people in the teeth of the various channels to start looking for. is a variety of dealers continue to raise prices (now expects about 12000) original shoes on sale price of 350 knife On the othe Retro jordans for sale r hand, the " KAWSxAJ4 CoolGrey" sold thousands of the world's double, single Shanghai sales volume 100 (yes the whole Shanghai 100 double ) may want to start with the difficulty.. in small, and expensive and less than double AirJordan4PureMoneyAJ4 white After all, is brought in (by nouveau riche) is the following small for everyone to bring a group of making plans! even in the past so long, AIRJORDAN11 also had several high help, low, but "72-10" is still in my heart the most difficult to let go of the mind, my "big devil". AirJordan11 "72-10" exquisite details and fashion charm have Cheap air jordans for sale been well known, but the story behind it is also a must for having heard it many times. AirJordan11 "72-10" is not only a new dress 11 generation shoes, it reminds me of the 1995-1996 MichaelJordan and the ashes of the Chicago bulls. Let me think, not only is the championship celebration cigar champagne, and cried in the locker room on the floor of the MJ, of course, belong to the Bulls many glorious titles, scoring, rebounding, MJ Rodman, coach of the sixth year despite Jackson, and at the same time first team Pippin. all this, with 72 wins and 10 regular season record sums, but in my hear Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping t it is more heavy and visible before the eyes. you back MichaelJordan said the 95-96 season of MJ, have to mention his father. In August 93 a day, get 3 consecutive MJ soon, the bad news came, his father JamesR.Jordan was shot, two robbers do not know who they attack. In October 6th of the same year, suffered the devastating psychological blow MJ announced his retirement, turning to the baseball game. 95 spring MJ to number 45 return to the bulls, continued to make his NBA only belong to history. regression after MJ seems to further thorough understanding of philosophy and behavior mode field belongs to him, change the jersey number not only later in the game, a strong return to what is known as the 23 again, also took out a big success, let the fans cheer, let the critics close mouth. The 94-95 season MJ eye-catching performance in the playoffs, but lost to the sharks with the Orlando magic, with total champion. had to take MJ, with Rodman after joining the existing chemical change lineup wonderful, a Zen master strategist, has good governance team under the opportune all-powerful bulls in the 95-96 season. After the completion of the regular season 72-10, move on. 96 year in June 16th, MJ led the bulls to win again, after a lapse of two years to win the title, let Chicago United Center became the most ebullience paradise in the world. strong air is in the locker room on the floor crying, because it is father's day. "I know where he is, I know he watched me play in paradise", this is MJ tell yourself, this title also belongs to the old Jordan, belongs to JamesR.Jordan. you AirJorda〉NBA attracts people, not only because of the fierce competition, the dazzling star, in fact, those in the play is interrupted when in the presence of jump shout and rotating phantom, ignite passion, and lead the fans cheer for the team of cheerleaders also contributed. NBA cheerleading is not the same, each team of cheerleaders have their own characteristics, and each team of cheerleaders are beautiful, Yanguangsishe, they present in every move also attract many eyes. If the fans is the spiritual pillar of the OTC and on the sidelines, the cheerleaders in the field help let players frayed nerves get the best to relax. The following together to appreciate the gap in the race for the Clippers cheerleading flying fans offer a wonderful dance performance. source: sina sports

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