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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] man from Hunan Province Huang fiscal years has been operating fake Nike, Adidas, New Balance and other brand-name sports shoes, wholesale and retail business in Dongguan, Wanjiang, business is increasingly The larger, but eventually evade the law recently. Recently, reporters from Dongguan City First People's Court heard that Hwang Choi guilty of selling counterfeit trademark goods was sentenced to five years and fined 800,000 yuan. Hwang Choi heavy sentence on the grounds to appeal, the second instance court, after hearing, the court rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict. case Apartment seized More than 30,000 pairs of fake shoes Since 2008, the defendant Hwang Choi in the 20th wanjiang Wuji Yuan Street shops began selling counterfeit registered trademarks of New Balance, Nik cheap jordans for sale mens e, Adidas, Jordan, Puma, Converse and other sports shoes. By the end of 2011, Hwang fiscal leased Lane on the 1st floor next to a schedule Street store warehouse wanjiang HUANG Chang said counterfeit sneakers for sale. 2013 ?? 7 18, police officers seized counterfeit Nike brand sports shoes in fiscal Hwang shops and warehouses 12,670 pairs (value of about 11,111,710 yuan); counterfeit Adidas brand sports shoes 7130 pairs (worth about 5,731,800 Yuan); counterfeit New Balance brand sports shoes 16,560 pairs (value of about 10,250,640 yuan), and Hwang Choi arrested, to the incident Hwang fiscal profit of about 90,000 yuan. Defender sales value amounts recognized too should be based on actual sales prices found value The behavior of the prosecutor accused the defendant Hwang Choi pleaded guilty in court. Hwang Choi counsel argued that the indictment in Cheap air jordans for sale dictment fake brand sports shoes sales value amounts recognized too, the defendant's actual sales price per pair of shoes ranging from tens of dollars to more than 100 yuan, but the appraisal price of 700-1000 yuan The actual sales prices should be in accordance defendant (the average price of 100 yuan per pair, worth about 300 million) to identify the value of sales of the defendant; infringing goods were seized not sales success, the Department attempted crime. The prosecution Finish "sell" behavior should belong Accomplished Crime Public Prosecution that the sales figures are in accordance with the indictment indictment price of Dongguan Municipality issued identification center identification price calculated in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, price or sale price of counterfeit trademark goods can not identify, the Dongguan Municip cheap jordans for sale ality price certification center authorized price as the right to legal authorities seized the stolen goods may be approved by the market price, and therefore the case should be identified in accordance with the price of Dongguan Municipal Price Bureau Price Certification Center made to calculate the defendant Hwang Choi sales amount. In addition, Hwang accused of selling counterfeit trademark goods fiscal time for five years, and in the local has a considerable scale, the public security organs at the scene seized counterfeit sneakers have more than 36,000 pairs, showing its wholesale The number of large retail, so the defendant Hwang money "selling" the implementation of behavior has been completed and its crime has to succeed, now has Accomplished Crime. Counsel made was seized stolen goods into the market yet, no serious social harm, thus identified th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e defense attempted crime can not be established. defendant Hwang fiscal behavior constituted the sale of counterfeit registered trademark crimes, punishable by law. According to the financial circumstances of the crime the defendant Hwang and repentance, the court of first instance sentenced the accused Hwang Choi guilty of selling counterfeit trademark goods and sentenced to five years imprisonment and fined 800,000 yuan. The case upheld by the second instance. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)NIKE, who! In the east of the fourth Eastern battle suit version of the new Dunk, from east to west, it seems really NIKE along the direction of the rising sun, as he paved a golden road to shine like the sun and moon. This pair of shoes and almost completely cheap jordan shoes for men suede build, showing from black to gray color of the charming landscape color. The back of the shoe is made of metal and silver, and the material is tightly wrapped to make the whole shoe feel more heavy and strong. This design is called "the traditional handicraft art from the east coast". The shoes are on sale at 95Soleman, a well-known online shopping mall in eBay. Please contact us. Source: Battle shoes Wang east coast representative metal Dunk Extreme class piercing process comments on last article: East Coast represents metal Dunk next: Extreme class piercing processFollowing the Yeezy Ibn Jasper friends; in the Instagram after the first exposure, Yeezy 750 Boost in the past few days successfully seize the web site of the headlines, with adidas x Kanye West series of official release date approaching, the Yeezy the wife of Retro jordans for sale Kim Kardashian also revealed that the first to receive this shoe among friends and family members, no accident covers Jay Z, Ibn Jasper, Don C, Kylie Jenner, Big Sean, Virgil Abloh and Jerry; Lorenzo et al. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! also has fakes in franchised stores?! Our users visited Putian fake shoes the whole process of friends have abandoned you? Come and get rid of these 5 habits! the original Hallyu hairstyle was inspired by the food By the end of , the /1626 tide community was finally on the inside! Hongkong marathon, someone died suddenly. We'll teach you how to keep your life! - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - G-Shock Baby-G pure white table Canvas Sho cheap foamposites ulder Bag Hom joint shoes were close friends exposure, it turned out this way! Sheep year exclusive Adidas, Pure, Boost 2015, "sheep year" do not note series commented on last article: "Hom Ye joint shoes," was close friend exposure, it was so long! Next year: sheep year, exclusive Adidas, Pure, Boost, 2015, sheep years, don't focus on the series in November 24, 2014, Nike announced the cooperation with Chinese basketball superstar Yao Ming and Yao fund to promote the development of youth basketball in China. hand in hand to promote youth sports Nike's cooperation with Yao Ming and Yao fund has a long-term vision for the popularization and promotion of youth sports in China. At the same time, it will also focus on developing existing basketball projects for both sides. The target group covers youth groups from primary schools to middle schools, a Retro jordans for sale nd tailor suitable sports for them to help them grow happily and healthily. Nike and Yao Ming also hope that this hard work will lay a solid foundation for the future development and promotion of Chinese sports. , vice president of Nike group and Shi Binglan, general manager of Nike Greater China, said that by supporting the development of top athletes, grassroots grass roots competitions and youth basketball, Nike became a popularist of basketball culture in China. Countless domestic basketball enthusiasts have really fallen in love with basketball through the Nike brand and one of the greatest Chinese athletes, Yao Ming. Through our hand in hand, it will affect the encouragement of more teenagers to join in the movement and stimulate their greater potential through basketball. " cooperation originates from consensus in early 1999, Nike cooperation wit Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping h Yao Ming rising, the support to Paris, San Diego to participate in the basketball training camp. After retiring, Yao Ming has been concerned about and committed to promoting youth sports, Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season project he created, through volunteer to hope primary school basketball to promote basic education, has made more than one hundred thousand young people; Yao Ming and NBA co founded the school of basketball, basketball for different basis, male and female teenagers love basketball in my spare time, tailored to the basketball training system. Yao Ming's concern for youth sports and Nike have been committed to the purpose and mission of sports popularization and promotion. This has also made an important foundation for the two sides to work together. Yao Ming said, "to encourage more young people to participate in sport cheap jordans online s activities, the Nike company has done a lot of very fruitful work, I have always believed that sports plays an irreplaceable role in helping the healthy growth of young people, basketball into the education, sports and education combination is the key to the development of basketball Chinese power. Now, I look forward to working with Nike not only to provide more high level basketball equipment and high level basketball training support for more teenagers, but also to convey the spirit and culture of sports and bring them happiness and help them grow healthily. in the world greatly small marathon, title, gold trophy are almost include Kenya and Ethiopia athlete. Occasionally be linked to the title of "bonus Hunter", or to be "alien" perspective. But most people have to understand the underlying reason. life dilemma a non player of young Kenyans living is probably so: after getting up to cook soup feeding the size of home, postprandial wearing tattered shoes and clothing, walking to the 35 miles place class. After the end of the day of the course, they returned to the home, also busy with farming or fed to livestock, but those crops and livestock is not edible, but sells, and sales income at best, day in and day out, the only spend on meals (meals is the largest household spending). Dinner (light corn porridge) after dinner, the young can only use small lights for reading and doing homework, until the night to sleep. only way out day after day life, if young people have a good education, but if there is no opportunity to seek a stable job can not be. In addition to school, only sports players for the best way out. A good run of young people, about 15 years old (or earlier) will be selected to enter the training center for long distance running exercise. At twenty years old when I head (main), for the training center and their family to earn a prize. comparison, a chief of the Kenya police, a monthly salary of about ranging from 20 to 25 dollars, and the price of a new pair of running shoes is about 2300 yuan Kenya shillings, conversion is about $30. If even become a full-time police are unable to afford a new pair of running shoes, then you can imagine become athletes is how to attract people. Oh, btw, Taiwan's unemployment rate is about 4%, Kenya's unemployment rate is 40%, you can choose to be prostitutes or pickpockets, or when there is no vagrants, migrant workers (farmers find it) or toiled unable to make ends meet, or all day long bitter ha ha, five pecks of rice is upset housewife, according to this view, when paying the police are still very lucky. fame soon young people into the training center in Kenya, their lives will be controlled by the training center. Whether eating and sleeping, no not to be a marathon runner set. Every morning after breakfast, they are morning training, after receiving education, later to aerobics. Their diet and training costs, full by the training center self absorption of the subsidies, but relative, Kenyans must become a player and a player can get a bonus, because the prize money will most likely be delivering training center. Basically to train at the training center you are signing professional players, if there is no combat power, does not have the result, after leaving the training center, you still broke. Poor life piled Kenya people to become combat, players score consciousness. player production if you look closely, many marathon champion Kenya, Ethiopia players actually 〉

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